Triangle turn locks

Triangle turn locks


These triangle turn locks give a unique luxe feel. They are classic and modern at the same time. Safe and elegant. Perfect for luxurious handbags. These locks guarantee a stunning look.

  • Measurements

    • 1 ⅝” (40 mm) x 1 ⅜”(35mm)
    • The channel is 40mm wide and 4mm deep. Your material should be 4mm thick to give the lock a solid connection
  • Installation

    • Make sure the flap is thick and durable (add a piece of Pellon Peltex or Decovil Heavy or something similar).
    • The bag flap slides into the channel of the tongue. Use the two screws and some glue (like Gutherman PH2 or E6000) for extra security.
    • The triangle part is attached to the main part of the bag with 3 screws and the round washer with 3 holes.


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