Pelmet & Craft Vilene Extra Heavy , S80 Vilene

Pelmet & Craft Vilene Extra Heavy , S80 Vilene


Vilene S80 is a firm interfacing which is ideally suited for pelmets and creative works like postcards collages bags etc. 

Heavy weight sew in pelmet vilene. Ideal for creating sturdy pelmets & other furnishings. Pelmet remains pliable making this weight ideal for curved bays or other than straight projects.

Also ideal for adding extra weight & body to creative sewing projects. The interfacing is ideal for bag bases as it adds a solid stable base which is washable so can be sewn in place permanently.
It  can be painted, stitched through and is ridgid enough to be a super backing or base textile for creative works.

12" / 30cms wide.

Machine wash 30 degrees permanent press.


This is 12" wide and is sold by the yard.

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