Half Moon Magnetic Snap

Half Moon Magnetic Snap

PriceFrom $5.28

These half-moon magnets are a real eyecatcher on any purse. Perfect for luxurious clutches, handbags and evening bags. These magnets are very easy to install and guarantee a stunning look.



  • 1 5/8″ (40mm) x 7/8″ (22 mm)

You get:

  • 1 washer and female round magnet.
  • 1 half-moon clip for the flap of your purse with 2 small screws.


  • Installation


    How to install:

    • Attach the round female magnet half on the bag front with the provided washer. Use the same technique as you would for any magnetic snap.
    • Slide the half-moon clip over the finished edge of the bag flap. With a PH000 screwdriver screw, the two provided screws right into the fabric. Do not punch holes but do use an awl to start the screws.
    • Make sure the flap is thick and durable (add a piece of Pellon Peltex or Decovil Heavy or something similar).
    • Use some glue (like Gutherman PH2 or E6000) on the metal clip for extra stability.


    This lock is not ideal for wallets or bags that can flip open when bumped. Please be sure to test it first and see if it suits your own personal standards. Perhaps a turn-lock would be better in this case?

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